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Photo Credit: Ver Cuizon

Photo Credit: Ver Cuizon

Max Balatbat or Maxbal  is currently exhibiting his art works together with other international artist at the Museum for young Arts (MOYA) in Vienna, Austria.

In an interview conducted by the Philippine-European Bulletin here, Balatbat regards the art exhibition in Vienna as  a great opportunity to display the Filipino art.  „This is a great chance to be invited and participate in this exhibition in the company of remarkable artists,“ Balatbat said.

Ambassador Lourdes Yparraguirre is very much honored to welcome the Pinoy artist. The Ambassador called on Filipinos in Austria to visit MOYA and have a glace at the magnificent works of Art of Balabat.

The exhibition at MOYA is a part of the exhibit on “Filipinism, what makes art Filipino?” of the Philippine Embassy and the Kunst Gallery, headed by Mr. Ver Cuizon, also a renowned artist. Balatbat will also have his art exhibition in several European cities.

Among the other feathers in his cap are 2009 ECCA Grand Prize in the Abstract Category and also the 2009 GSIS Art Competition’s grand prize in the Non-Representational Category.

In 2010, his work was among the Jurors’ Choice Award of Merit in Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards, the same winning piece is now part of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ collection.  Also in the later part of 2010, he participated in the World Expo in Shanghai and the Philippine Arttrek in Singapore.

In 2010, he successfully had his first solo show, also entitled Avenida.    His slogan” totoo lang” (just being real) remains a manifesto which he commits to and the abiding philosophy behind his opuses.    In his modernist ways, he aspires to portray more brothels, shanties in their internal geographies and real essence.

Pinoys who joined the opening of the art exhibition at MOYA contended that Max Balatbat’s  paintings  brought back memories of the Philippines among the Austro-Pinoys who are long-time residents of Austria.

- Volet Gerstl