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Mr. Wilson Tan Ho , will again do his yearly charitable work on the 19th of December , Sunday 2010 by preparing a Christmas Dinner for the homeless in the Gruft , 1070 Vienna .   ” This is my 7th year of sharing the blessings with the less fortunate brothers and sisters in the City of Vienna , and also a humble way of conveying our gratitude to our host country ” . Tan Ho said .

I just remember last year,  some Filipinos commented about his work saying that ” we have more needy in the Philippines to be feed how come that Tan Ho devotes his time and money for the Austrian ? ”  I think the above statement of Tan Ho  answers  the question .

Bebot, well known to friends, is active in Filipino Community activities. He will be working hand in hand with the Philippine Embassy for this year  Parol Making Workshop for Austrian-Filipino Children