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the candidates

Ginang Filipina-Austria 2015 will honor Pinay women  in Austria who play important role in the society.  It salutes women who do not let age and civil status get in the way of fulfilling their dreams, and whose achievements, charitable acts and life stories serve as inspiration to others. The bneauty pageant is  also an opportunity to show the international community and the next generation of Filipino-Austrian nationals the Philippines’ rich and diverse cultural heritage.

The organizers believe that hundreds of Filipinos from other partst of Austria will support the event.

“Over the years, this event has made an impact not only in the Filipino community but also to the Austrian public, to enhance awareness of our culture and respect for the Filipino identity,” explained Volet Gerstl, one of the organizers of the beauty pageant,

Candidates with Ms. Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell

Candidates with Ms. Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell

Contestant of the search will show their grace and beauty on stage in various attires, including casual wear, and evening wear, as well as demonstrating their physical talents.

Their mental prowess will also put to the test through a rigorous question-and-answer portion, which tackles a variety of subjects including identity, culture, career, charity and global issues.

The search for Ginang Filipina-Austria is a charity-oriented event. Proceeds from the pageant will go to the projects Caritas Austria.

- Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN News, Austria.