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barrioThere’s something delightful about Filipino culture. It’s a delightful fusion of the Philippine’s ethnic groups, altogether weaving a rich tapestry of colours, dances, music and traditions. The celebration of Barrio Fiesta in Austria is an attempt to capture all the excitement of this beautiful fusion.

Barrio Fiesta is a celebration that continues to be rooted in the traditions of family, community and Filipino culture. This event is the heart of the Filipino-Austrian community that infuses a sense of pride among Filipinos and Filipinos at heart.

Barrio Fiesta is a time for us to celebrate the values of home, family and community. It strengthens the love and appreciation of being Filipino. Within all Filipinos there is an inherent spirit that inspires us to appreciate our past, awakens our consciousness of what it means to be Filipino, and encourages us to preserve our history and traditions for future generations. Regardless of our age, or whether we were born in the Philippines or in Austria, we are all Filipinos who share the same history. Together we are one community rooted in the traditions of family and Filipino culture that speaks of the meaning of being Filipino.

With the innovative minds and dedicated leadership  of Filipino leaders in Austria, Barrio Fiesta had been introduced here,  (more than twenty years ago). It was a true gift and we salute and thank them for creating a community treasure. From its humble beginnings, the Barrio Fiesta  has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet, it remains true to strengthening the love and appreciation of being Filipino and preserving Filipino history and traditions for future generations. The organizing committee continues to carry out the founders’ vision so that the next generation can enjoy  for many years to come!

Today we celebrate the very best of being Filipino. Community support and the participation of sponsors create the foundation that Barrio Fiesta’s success has been built on. Experience the Filipino spirit and enjoy the Barrio Fiesta in Austria! Happy Fiesta!

– Volet Gerstl